Cattle and Horse Trainer – the cutting machine from Bavaria

Cutting machine developed and produced by us

Price on request; can be viewed at our location.

The Cattle and Horse Trainer is an easy-to-use system for training the dynamics between horse and cattle. The variable adjustable speed and a random mode allow for increasing difficulty as desired. The rider can control the device from horseback using the innovative remote control (button on the index finger).

  • Speed continuously adjustable
  • Random mode (variable speed)
  • Remote control operable by the rider due to its special design
  • Remote control battery life approximately 10 hours
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
Bullhead dummy
Remote control
Driver unit

Included in the delivery: Drive unit with power supply (130 x 260 x 120mm), remote control with battery, bullhead dummy, tension and pull rope for up to 25m span, mounting materials.

(1) Driver unit (2) guide pulley (3) pull rope (50m) (4) tension rope (25m) (5) bullhead dummy